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UN B. Iggris SKL 5 : Recount dan Narrative

Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh
Waktu terus berlalu, ujian makin mendekati adik-adik. Untuk itu edisi kali ini saya memberikan contoh-contoh soal berbentuk recount dan naratif sesuai dengan standar kelulusan yang ke-5.
Standar Kompetensi Lulusan
Merespon makna dan langkah retorika dalam eseai pendek sederhana secara akurat, lancar dan berterima yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan sekitar dalam tks berbentuk recount dan narrative
• Recount (pengalaman yang lucu/memalukan) gambaran umum
• Informasi rinci tersurat
• Informasi tersirat
• Narrative text (cerita rakyat Indonesia) Informasi rinci tersurat
• Pikiran utama salah satu paragraf
• Makna katafrase
• Pesan moral
I want to tell you about my memorable time singaport. It was one of the best holidays I ever has.
I shall never forget the spectacular sight of the city I say from mount fable that night. The roller-coaster ride, the stunts performed by the dap and the killer whale at the sea world were also exciting. I shall remember the thrill of having been on one of the longest rides in the monorail in sentosa island for many years to come.
I also enjoyed various varieties of seafood at the makeshift roadside stalls at the Chinatown night market. I also enjoyed the shopping trips. My family and friends that the souvenirs with were value for money, especially the sick scarves with pretty prints and the attractive key chains.
1. What did the writer do at the Chinatown ?
a. He had a roller-coaster experience
b. He had a various of seafood
c. He enjoyed the snail
d. He enjoyed the souvenirs

2. What kind of souvenirs did the writer buy ?
a. Postcards and snails
b. Seafood and squid
c. Money and scarves
d. Silk scarves and key chains

3. “I shall never forget the spectacular sight of the city … “ (paragraph 2)
What does the underlines word mean ?
a. Nice c. Amazing
b. Usual d. Ordinary
Last year I joined the Chicago marathon, my first marathon. I had to run 26,2 miles to complete it. It is hard but I learned valuable things from joining it
At first, I just wanted to get the experience of joining a marathon. I thought it would be one life time experience. After finishing it, I changed my mind. I wanted to join another one. I was interested to complete at least one more marathon and improve my time. I also experienced a good feeling between participants and the spectators, that made me happy. It was a very wonderful thing for me. So I decided that I had to join another marathon the following year, because I was not satisfied with this first one.
4. When did the writer change his/her mind about marathon ?
a. When preparing for the race
b. During the race
c. Before the race
d. After finishing the race
5. What id the main ide of the second paragraph ?
a. The writer found that marathon was enjoyeable so he wanted to join again
b. After completing the 26,2 miles, the writer felt upset.
c. The writer thought marathon was hard so he stopped it as soon as possible
d. The writer felt tired when he had to run at 26,2 miles
6. Why aid the writer want to join another marathon ?
a. To learn valuable things
b. To improve his time
c. To participate in the event
d. To experience an interesting race
Once upon a time, there were two butterflies, teri and roni. They were friends. Teri and roni there same crown.
On day, kodi a frog, saw teri and roni quarrelling. “you took it!” said roni. “no, I did not!” said teri
“hey, what’s the matter?” asked kodi
“teri stole my crown!” said roni.
“no, I didn’t,” said teri.
“yesterday, I still had my crown when she came ti visit me,” said roni.
“today I cannot find the crown!look! she id wearing it!” roni shouted.
“my mom gave me this crown,” teri explained.
Kodi suggested they all go to roni’s house.
“where did you put it!” said kodi to roni.
“I put it on the table,” roni answered.
They didn’t find the crown.
“maybe it fell down.” Kodi looked under the table.
Bothing was there.
“it was my favorite crown!” roni sobbed.
“I didn’t steal yours, but id you like it so much, you can have mine,” teri gave roni the crown.
“it’s here!” kodi saw the crown behind the curtain.
Roni stopped crying, “thank god, kodi found it!”
“sorry, teri, teri, I accused you. I’m a terrible friend!”
“it’s okey,” said teri. “ let’s say tjanks to kodi!”

7. Where did kodi find the crown?
a. Under the table.
b. On the table
c. Behind the curtain.
d. In the house.
8. “I put it on the table, . . .” (line 13)
Ehat does the underlined word refer to ?
a. The crown.
b. The house
c. The table
d. The curtain.
9. From the story, we can learn that ....
a. Trusting each other is very important
b. The goodness is always the winner.
c. A wise friend ca be trusted.
d. We shouldn’t accuse of others without proof.
10. From the story above we can conclude that kodu is a …. Friend
a. Wise c. Polite
b. Good d. Happy

A Possum In The House
Once there was a small possum who went to visit my house. The possum was very tired and hungry. He went to different places to find food, so he made a big mess around the house.
First, he went into the cupboard in the big kitchen. After that he went to the small washing basket. The possum's next stop was the study room. Here he perched on the top of the bookshelf. Next, he went to lounge and hid in the stereo. After visiting the lounge he went to the bathroom. In the bathroom he squirted all the toothpaste out. Then he hid in
the toilet.
Finally, the possum went to the bedroom and slept on the bed. He looked very cute when sleeping

11. Why did the writer write this story?
A. To describe what the possum is
B. To show how to do something
C. To entertain readers
D. To informs about
12. Where did the story happen?
A. in the house
B. In the kitchen
C. In the bedroom
D. In the bathroom
13. What is the story about?
A. The possum
B. A messy house
C. The trouble maker
D. Hiding in the toilet
14. What did the possum do after he squirted the toothpaste out?
A. He hid in the toilet
B. He went into the cupboard
C. He hid the stereo
D. He slept well in the bedroom
15. " He looked very cute when sleeping" What is the function of that sentence?
A. To describe the possum
B. To tell the different event
C. To show the writer's opinion
D. To show how possum sleeps
Terus semangat. Jagan putus asa tuk mencapai keberhasilan. Ingat bahwa keberhasilan memerlukan perjuangan.
Selamat berlatih.semoga sukses

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