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UN B.Inggris SKL 6 : Procedure-Report

Merespon makna dan langkah retorika dalam esei pendek sederhana secara akurat, lancar, dan beterima untuk berinteraksi dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dalam teks bertentuk procedure dan report
• Report text (pekerjaan tertentu) gambaran umum
• Informasi rinci tertentu
• Makna kata/frasa
• Tujuan komunikatif
Gorillas are the largest of all the primates. A male gorilla can be 180 centimeters
tall and can weigh 200 kilograms. Gorillas are very strong but they do not
often fight. In fact they are peaceful animals.
Gorillas live in small family groups of about 15. In a group there is one
strong, older male, some young males, and a few females with their babies.
They move slowly around a large area of jungle eating leaves and bushes.
In some ways gorillas are very like humans. When they are happy, they laugh and wave their arms. When they are angry, they beat their chests. When
they are sad, they cry. But they cry quietly, without any tears.
Unfortunately, people hunt and kill gorillas. They also cut down and burn
their trees. There are now only about 10,000 gorillas left in the world.

1. How tall can gorillas be?
A. 180 cm
B. 280 cm
C. 310 cm
D. 170 cm
2. How much can they weight?
A. 400 kilograms
B. 200 kilograms
C. 100 kilograms
D. 350 kilograms
3. How many gorillas in one family?
A. 16 gorillas
B. 17 gorillas
C. 15 gorillas
D. 20 gorillas

Ingredient : eggs, salt, vegetables, margarine, pepper powder
Tools : frying pan, spatula, knife, strainer, gas stove, bowl
and plate
The steps :
1) Mix eggs, salt, vegetable and pepper.
2) Put margarine on the frying pan
3) Pour the mixture on the hot frying pan
4) Cook for about 5 minutes
The food is ready to serve

4. What is the topic of the text above?
A. How to make a nice cake
B. How to make fried egg
C. How to make an omelet
D. How to make fried banana
5. The following is the material needed to make the food, except …
A. salt
B. sugar
C. pepper
D. vegetables
6. How long should the food be cooked?
A. Five minutes
B. SIX minutes
C. seven minutes
D. eight minutes

Mr. Johan is o soldier. He is very tall. He is not fat. His wife is a Teacher. She is thin and not tall. Her hair is block and wavy. She wears glasses. Mr. Johan has two children. The ore Elly and Ridwan. Elly is thin like her mother , but her hair is not wavy. It is straight like her fathers. Ridwan, Elly brother is very tall. He is fat .His skin is block like his father. Mr. Johan, his wife and his children like sports. They usually do sports in Sunday morning.
7. How many people are there in the text ? There are ..... people in the text.
a. one b. two
c. three d. four
8. What is Ridwan like?
a. he is smaal b. he is fat
b. he is short d. he is thin

The water lily is a plant of the aquatic family Nymphacaceae, and of the genus Nymphae. These plants are found in fresh, still water throughout the warm temperate regions. People cultivate this plant. The plant can grow easily from the seed. It may be grown in containers or ponds.
The water lily is a beautiful plant. It has round leaves. The leaves may float or immerse. The flower has four sepals and many petals and stamens. The color of this flower may be white,pink,yellow,or blue. When blossoms, it sometimes smells good. Some species of this plant open by day and closed at night: others open at night and closed by day. The life span of the flower is usually three days.
9. What does the text tell us about ?
a. A plant named water lily
b. A beautiful plant grown in water
c. An aquatic plant cultivated in warm regions
d. Water lily cultivated in ponds
10. How long is a water lily flower usually in blossom ?
a. A day or a night
b. A day and a night
c. Three days
d. More than three days
11. From the text above, we can conclude that water lily can not live in . . .
a. Fresh still water
b. Dry ground areas
c. Wet areas
d. Watery places

Smog is a mixture of fog and other ingredients and is considered a from of air pollution.
There are two types of smog. One includes high concentrations of smoke from burning substances. The other type is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs when certain substances in the air come in contact with sunlight.Both types of smog generally develop during a condition known as a temperature inversion. This condition prevents air from mixing vertically and keeps the smog concentrated near the ground.
Anything that pollutes the air can contribute to smog.this includes gases and other substances produced by burning,coal wood gasoline,and other fuels;gases produced during manufacturing processes;gases and ash emitted by volcanoes;and event natural gases and substances that occur in nature.
12. What does the text tell us about?
a. Fog
b. Smog
c. Pollution
d. Gas
13. What is the name of the condition in which both types of smog develop?
a. A high concentration
b. A chemical reaction
c. A temperature inversion
d. A natural condition
14. “this occurs when a layer of cool air near the ground…”(paragraph 2,line 2)
What does the underlined word mean ?
a. Appears
b. Happens
c. Continues
d. Keeps

• Hard paper
• Various sticker
• Coloring pens
• Fold the paper into two
• Decorate the front page with the various stictker
• Open the paper
• Write the name of the receiver of the card at the upper part with colouring pans
• The write your messages in the center part of the page
• Don’t forget to write the name of the sender of the card under it
• Your greeting card is ready to send
15. We write the name of the sender of the card on the…
a. Front page of the card
b. Upper part of the second page
c. Center part of the page
d. Under the content of the message
16. From the text we can conclude that the various stickers are used to make the card…
a. Easty
b. Useful
c. Beautifull
d. Expensive

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