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UN B.Inggris SKL 4 descriptive-Procedure

Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh.

Ujian smakin dekat. Senin depan, 18 April 2011 hari pertama ujian bagi adik2 kelas XII SMA/SMK. Sedangkan pekan berikutnya, 25 April 2011 untuk adik2 SMP/MTs.
Sudah siap kan?
Kali ini saya lanjutkan menulis soal UN B.Inggris SKL $ bagi adik2 SMP/MTs

Merespon makna dan langkah retorika secara akurat. Lancar berterima dalam esei sangat sederhana yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan terdekat dalam teks berbentuk descriptive dan procedure

• Descriptibe tekxt (mainan kesayangan ) Informasi tertentu
• Makna kata/frasa
• Informasi tersirat
• Procedure text (makanan khas suatu daerah di Indonesia) informasi rinci tersurat
• Makna kata/frasa
• Informasi tertentu
• Recount (pengalaman yang lucu/memalukan) gambaran umum
• Informasi rinci tersurat
• Informasi tersirat

Vanessa Mae Vanakorn Nicholson is a musician.
She is only nineteen years old,but she is a world-famous violinist.when she plays classical violin concertos on her electric violin.the world listens.
Vanessa mae is Thau-Chinesse.her mother is chinese and her father is Thai.she is from Singapore,but she now lives in London with her mother and her english stepfather.she’s got cousins,aunts,unles,and grandparents in Thailand,Singapore,China and England.
1. Vanessa plays violin….
a. badly
b. carefully
c. classically
d. wonderfully

Meat Floss Porridge
250 cc hot water
50 gram instant porridge
1 spoon soya sauce
1 spoon chili sauce crackers
10 gram meat floss
Suggested preparation
1. Put instant porridge into a bowl
2. Pour 250cc hot water, stir well.
Leave it for about 3 minutes until porridge thickened
3. Add soya sauce and chili sauce (as much as you like)
4. Then , spread crackers and meat floss.
The porridge is ready to be served

2. How much instant porridge do you need to make the meat floss porridge?
a. 250 cc
b. 50 gram
c. 1 spoon
d. 10 gram
3. What should we do after strring the porridge?
a. Put the instant porridge into a bowl
b. Add soya sauce and chilli sauce
c. Add crakers and meat floss
d. Wait for about 3 minutes
4. “…until the porridgr thickened”
What is the meaning of the italic word?
a. To became solid
b. To get weak
c. To raise the volume
d. To became powder

Jakarta Coconut Rice
Ingredients :
• 2 cup of rice
• 3 cup of coconut milk
• 1 Indian bay leaves
• ½ teaspoon of salt
Steps :
1.Put all the ingredients into a saucepan, and bring to boil
2.Turn off the heat, cover the pan and let the mixture stand for 15
Minutes to allow the rice to absorb the coconut milk.
3. Place the rice on an aluminum foil square in the Chinese steamer
4. Steam for 20 minutes to complete the cooking

5. What does the text talk about? It talks about…
a. the way to get ingredients
b. how to make Jakarta Coconut Rice
c. how Jakarta Coconut Rice is forme
d. several steps to enjoy the Jakarta Coconut Rice

6. “…allow the rice to absorb the coconut milk”. What is the antonym of the word “allow”?
a. Permit c. let
b. Follow d. forbid

Mr.Dirmans Garden
Mr.Dirman has a garden behind his house.He has some mango trees,soma papaya trees,and some rambutan trees in the garden but how doesn’t have any oranges.
Mr.Dirman is picking some mangoes now.He has one hundred mangoes under the tree.Mrs.Dirman is putting the mangoes into the boxes.One box has forty and the other has sixty mangoes.Their son,Didi is picking some papayas.
He is putting the fruit into the basket.He has twenty papayas in the basket now.The Dirmans want to seel the mangoes and the papayas in the market.People like fruits from Dirman’s garden.

7. what is the type of the text above?it is a………………text
8. X :What is their son,Didi picking
Y :He is picking some……….
9. X : how many mangoes is mrs. Dirman putting in each box?
Y : one box has……………and the other has…………..mangoes
a. twenty – fourty
b. twenty- sixty
c. fourty – sixty
d. sixty - fourty

• Hard paper
• Various sticker
• Coloring pens
• Fold the paper into two
• Decorate the front page with the various stictker
• Open the paper
• Write the name of the receiver of the card at the upper part with colouring pans
• The write your messages in the center part of the page
• Don’t forget to write the name of the sender of the card under it
• Your greeting card is ready to send

10. We write the name of the sender of the card on the…
a. Front page of the card
b. Upper part of the second page
c. Center part of the page
d. Under the content of the message

11. From the text we can conclude that the various stickers are used to make the card…
a. Easty
b. Useful
c. Beautifull
d. Expensive

The largest meat-eating animal in the world is the brown bear that lives in Alaska. “brownie” as this bear is called, will always keep away from people. But, be careful if it is wounded with a gun or the mother bear and her cubs are shocked. Some hunters claim the brown bear can outfight a tiger.
A grown brownie may be up to nine feet tall. It may weight over 1600 pounds. But when the brown bear is born ,it weighs less than one pound. If you grew at the same rate, you would weigh almost 10,000 pounds when you were fully grown.

12. What is the type of the text above? It is a ……………………text
a. Narrative
b. Descriptive
c. Procedure
d. Recount

13. What does the text mostly tell about?
a. Brown bears
b. Strong hunters
c. Fighting tigers
d. Alaska people

14. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?
a. A brown bear eats meat
b. Brown bears can beat a tiger
c. Brown bears are tame animals
d. Brownie will keep away when it sees people

15. “but be careful if it is wounded with a gun or if the mother bear and her cubs are shocked………….”(par 1 line 3)
a. Male bears
b. Baby bears
c. Other bears
d. Group bears

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